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Ancestral Genetic Pre-History

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Peter Douglas Zohrab has had genetic testing done (by more than one company) of his male-line (Y-chromosome) ancestry, and Hans Zorab has had genetic testing done which confirms that the Zohrabs and the Zorabs are one and the same family.

  1. The first, 12-marker test, was carried out as part of the Genographic Project.

  2. Then Family Tree DNA carried out a P25 test, and found that he (and his male-line ancestors) were part of Haplogroup R1b1.

  3. Next, Richard Stevens paid for Peter Zohrab to have the P312 test with Family Tree DNA, in order to see if Peter Zohrab was eligible for membership of his group, which was about the genetics of supposed Indo-European speakers.  Peter Zohrab was found to be P312- on that test, and therefore ineligible for membership of that project group.

  4. Richard Stevens then referred Peter on to two further groups, run by Mark Arslan and Vince Vizachero, respectively.

  5. Peter joined the group run by Vince Vizachero, which is for people both P312- and U106-, and which contributed to the cost of a Deep Clade-R test for him. This confirmed that he (and his male-line ancestors) were, more precisely, part of the R1b1b2a1 haplogroup.  Later, this was narrowed down to R1b1b2a1a. In 2011, this was apparently renamed R1b1a2a1a1.

  6. Then Peter Zohrab got Ancestry.com DNA to carry out a 46-marker test of his Family Tree DNA, so that he would have more meaningful results to contribute to the Armenian research group, which he joined, and which was run by Mark Arslan, and also so that he would have more meaningful results to compare with other potential family members in his own Zohrab project.

  7. Later, Peter got Family Tree DNA to carry out a 67-marker test, both for the above reasons and because Family Tree DNA and its associated research groups did not recognise results produced by other companies.

  8. In 2015 Peter Zohrab had a whole-of-genome test done by 23andme.com.


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