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James & Emily Zohrab's Photograph Album

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This album was bought in 2014 by Michael, Steven and Stuart Zohrab from Mrs. Margaret Marsland, of Gloucestershire, England.   The idea that this album originally belonged to James and Emily Zohrab is based on the facts that there are (possibly) up to 21 photos of the Zohrabs and their in-laws (the Brants and the Holmes), and that some photos were taken in Sarajevo and Odessa, where James is known to have been posted.  However, there are also eight photos of Robertsons, which is unexplained, although they may well be in-laws of Emily (nee Holmes).

The album has apparently at one stage been owned by someone who was interested in Victorian women's clothing.  The album was perhaps lost, given away or thrown away when the family emigrated to Canada, because they would have had to choose which possessions to take with them.

This album is intrinsically interesting, which is why it is made available on the Web as a whole, and it can also be assumed that two photographs are often put onto the same page because the subjects are related genetically or by marriage.


Page 4: Robert J. Robertson 1862; Harriet Robertson 1863

Page 5: Major Charles C. Mason 1866; Ella Mason 1866

Page 6: Major Percy L. Holmes 1864; Mrs. Emily Zohrab 1863

Page 7: James Brant C.B. 1860; Mrs. James Brant 1862

Page 8: Reverend W. C. Brant 1865; Mrs. Brant 1864

Page 9: John B. Wright 1866; Mrs. Wright 1866

Page 10: Mrs. Evelina Brant 1864; Nina Brant 1867

Page 11: Mr. H. Munch 1866; Alice Munch 1860

Page 12: Arch Stewart 1863; Mrs. Stewart 1863

Page 13: Paul Branville 1863; Mrs. P. Branville 1863

Page 14: René Tavarger 1864; James Zohrab 1863

Page 15: Julia Mandeville 1866 Paris; Aline Mandeville 1866

Page 16: Graham Simson 1860; G. Simson 1860

Page 17: Richard Brant 1865; Meta & Marion Robertson 1865

Page 18: Louise Rottur 1864; Hester Temple Zohrab 1866

Page 19: Meta Robertson 1866 aged 4 1/2; Marion Robertson 1866 aged 3

Page 20: Hollie Mason 1866; Patrick Robertson 1866

Page 21: Charlie Holmes 1866; Mrs. Emily Zohrab 1864 photographed in Odessa

Page 22: Constance Zohrab 1862 photographed in Vienna; Willie Brant decd

Page 23: Percy Zohrab 1862; Meta Robertson

Page 24: Mahmood Effendi Serajevo 1865; E.B. Freeman Serajevo 1865








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