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The Family of Constantine Edward ("Tino") Zohrab

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Constantine Edward ("Tino") Zohrab, son of Peter Thomas Henry Gordon Zohrab, was probably born in 1843 (according to Harold Zorab's research) near Liverpool, England, and was educated at Bath, in the West of England. He married Edith Wills in Wellington, in the North Island of New Zealand, in 1868, and died there in 1897. His father probably knew Italian, so the nickname "Tino" is probably an abbreviation of "Constantino."

On 1 July 1862, he was the first Zohrab to go to New Zealand, embarking (on the City of Hobart) from Melbourne, Australia, for Port Chalmers (Dunedin), in the South Island of New Zealand, to join the goldrush.  His father later followed him there.  It seems that Constantine had moved to Wellington by the time of his marriage in 1868, and he was certainly living there by 1869.  His father, however, was still living in Hokitika, in the South Island, at that time.

According to the Evening Post, he and Charles Knocker started a business, Zohrab, Knocker & co., in Featherston Street as general merchants and commission agents in 1876. The same article described the two men as very well-known and deservedly popular. In 1878, he joined with Dr. Alfred K. Newman (a Doctor of Medicine and, later, MP for Thorndon) to form the firm of Zohrab, Newman & Co, which had agencies at London, Glasgow, New York, France, India, China, and "Australian Colonies". Dr. Newman sold out of the firm in 1884, in order to become Editor of the New Zealand Times. According to a letter in the Wellington City Archives dated 1898, Tino became the owner of Zohrab & Co., sole agents in New Zealand for Dawson's Perfection Whisky. In 1884, this merged with two other companies, to form the United Importers' Company of Wellington, which was wound up voluntarily in 1887, with Tino buying the "estate".  Tino was a leading lay member of the Wellington Anglican Church Diocese, and had nine daughters and two sons -- Edward Goodwin Fortescue ("Fort") and Constantine Ernest Henry Zohrab.


Edith and Constantine Zohrab

Edith & Tino Zohrab


Tino Zohrab

Tino Zohrab


Edith nee Wills, wife of Constantine Edward Zohrab

Edith Zohrab


Constantine and Edith Zohrab moved into a large house and section "Laurellan" in Roxburgh Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, upon their marriage in 1868, and this was subdivided into numbered sections at some time prior to Edith's death in 1937 -- probably before 1902.


"Laurellan", home of Constantine Edward Zohrab

"Laurellan", home of Constantine Edward Zohrab (probably on Roxburgh Street) from 1868 until his death in 1897, and of Edith Zohrab from 1868 until 1928, when she moved to 15 Everton Terrace, Kelburn, Wellington, to be with some of her daughters.


74 Roxburgh Street, Wellington, on 30 July 2001

74 Roxburgh Street, Wellington, built for one of the sons of Constantine Edward ("Tino") Zohrab, and Edith Wills, probably on Constantine's land, near his and Edith's house.  Photographed on 30 July 2001.


Sketch of front view of 74 Roxburgh Street by Grant Tilley

Sketch of 74 Roxburgh Street, Mt. Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, by Grant Tilley (1973). Permission to reproduce and publish on the Web granted by telephone on 13 July 2001. According to Mr. Tilly's book, this house was built in 1902 by Mr. F. Hunt for "Mr.Zohrab" (probably Edward Goodwin Fortescue Zohrab, Constantine's elder son).


The tennis court at Roxburgh st.

The tennis court at Roxburgh st.


The Nine Daughters of Constantine and Edith Zohrab: Edith, Ravenna, Eveline, Florence, Clara, Irene, Myra, Nura, and Vera. (The two sons are not included) -- photo courtesy of Mr. Tom King.

The Nine Daughters of Constantine Edward and Edith Zohrab


Ern, Edith and Fort Zohrab

Edith Zohrab (nee Wills) and her two sons


The Three "Middle Daughters" of Constantine and Edith Zohrab

The Three "Middle Daughters" of Constantine and Edith Zohrab


Marriage of Myra Lewis Zohrab and Frank Farquhar Colledge 25/4/1905

Marriage of Myra Zohrab and Frank Colledge


The Bevin branch


Zohrab Street, Hataitai, Wellington

Zohrab Street, Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand -- named after Constantine Edward Zohrab.








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