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The Family of Constantine Ernest Henry ("Ern") Zohrab

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Constantine Ernest Henry ("Ern") Zohrab


The sixth child of Tino and Edith, the second son, Ern lost his ambition to go to sea after a 17-day crossing of the stormy Tasman Sea to Sydney in the sailing ship "G M Tucker".  City life was not his choice, so he opted for the freedom of the country, and farmed at different times in Kimbolton, Matamata, Te Awamutu (on the North Island) and Hororata (on the South Island, near Canterbury).  He loved animals and growing crops.  He married Bertha Alice Henley ("Birdie") in Wanganui in 1900, and they had two sons, Constantine Eric Zohrab and Geoffrey Paul Zohrab, and three daughters, Gladys Edith Beatrice ("Peggy" or "Pegs") Batten, Joyce Bertha Rowell and Nancy Melita Scotland.

Constantine Edward ("Tino") and Edith Zohrab's son, Constantine Ernest Henry ("Ern") Zohrab, also named one of his children Constantine (Constantine Eric ("Eric") Zohrab), who went on to also name one of his children Constantine (Constantine Howard Zohrab). However, the line of Constantine Zohrabs then (fortunately or unfortunately) ran out, for the reason that Constantine Howard Zohrab named his sons Tony (See: http://www.maf.govt.nz/food/images/people/tonyz.gif) , Gary, and Roger !


Constantine Eric Zohrab ("Eric"), Ern's and Birdie's first born, decided in 1920 that farming in Canterbury, which the previous winter had experienced three feet (one metre) of snow, was not for him, so he left the family farm and joined the gang erecting the power line from the power station at Lake Coleridge to the town of Ashburton. He then joined the staff of the Ashburton Power Board, remaining there until his retirement to Christchurch.  His bride, Ngaire Emma Webster Kerr, came from Westport, where her father was the Postmaster.  Eric and Ngaire had one daughter, Ruth, who married Trevor McIlroy and lived in Christchurch, New Zealand.  There were three McIlroy children: Erika, Mark and Coram.  Erika and Coram excelled in ballet dancing.  Eric and Ngaire also had one son, Constantine Howard Zohrab, who moved to Australia, married Julie Nicoll, and had (Dr.) Anthony (Tony) Howard Zohrab, Gary Stewart Zohrab, and Roger Lloyd Zohrab.


Tony and Christine Zohrab

Tony and Christine Zohrab, 2002


Tony, a New Zealand scientific Public Servant, married Christine Shirley Crawford and had Cassandra, Regan, Olivia and Soraya.  Roger married Kim Kirkwood and had Peter and Katherine.  See http://www.olympics.smh.com.au/aussie/2000/08/15/A3965-2000Aug14.html and http://gloucester.yourguide.com.au/news/local/news/general/wettest-brick-throwing-yet/488022.aspx

Gladys Edith Beatrice ("Peggy" or "Pegs") Zohrab, second child of Ern and Birdie, qualified as a kindergarten teacher and continued her interest in that age-group of children for many years, finally becoming the President of the Auckland Free Kindergarten Association.  She married Herbert Charles ("Mex") Batten, having two children, Garrick and Angela.  Garrick joined the Department of Agriculture as a farm adviser and was Agricultural Attache at the New Zealand High Commission in London.  He had three daughters with his first wife, Jenny: Amanda, Leigh and Kate.  When Jenny died, he married Ann and aopted her son, Ben.  Angela married Richard Woodyear-Smith, and their children were John, Stephen and Julie.

Joyce Bertha Zohrab, third child of Ern and Birdie, after two or three office jobs, became one of the staff of the Welfare department of Wellington Hospital, and during the terrible 1930s saw many cases of destitution and hardship.  She always did her best to help people.  Joyce married William Mervyn Rowell, and they had three children: Janice (Jan), Grant and Phillipa ("Pippa"), who married Roger Waldegrave. 


Janice ("Jan") Colosono (nee Rowell)

Janice ("Jan") Colosono (nee Rowell)


Geoffrey (Geoff) Paul Zohrab, fourth child and second son of Ern and Birdie, followed in his father's footsteps in farming, for a while.   After war service in World War II, he opened his own public accountancy practice in 1945 in Hamilton. His first retirement took him to Whitianga, and he represented that area on the Thames Coromandel District Council.  In 1983 he moved to Auckland.   Geoffrey and his wife Frances Maude (nee Gainsford) had three children: Diana, who married Frederik Houtman, Carol, who married Ettore Brunello and Nigel Eric Gainsford ("Gain") Zohrab, who married Mavis Gore.  Diana's children were Geoffrey, Matthew and Susan, Carol's children were Jonathan and Sally, and Gain's children were Nicola and Belinda.


Carol Zohrab and her cousin, Lyndsay Scotland

Carol Zohrab and her cousin, Lyndsay Scotland, visiting Balfour Douglas ("Doug") Zohrab's family in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1963


Carol Brunello (nee Zohrab) and her sister, Diana Houtman

Carol Brunello (nee Zohrab) and her sister, Diana Houtman (nee Zohrab) in Australia in 2007


Nancy ("Nan") Melita Zohrab, fifth and last child of Ern and Birdie, married Sydney Alan Scotland in 1937.  They had four children, Anthony ("Tony"), Susan ("Sue"), Lyndsay ("Lyn") and James ("Jim").


Susan (Sue) Hiles (nee Scotland)

Suzanne (Sue) Hiles (nee Scotland)


Miles Davidson, partner of Sue Hiles

Miles Davidson, partner of Sue Hiles


Lyndsay (Lyn) McLeod (nee Scotland)

Lyndsay (Lyn) MacLeod (nee Scotland)








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