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Adela Harriet Louise Carmela Zohrab, b. 1824. 1847 in Tipperary = Sir William Richard Holmes, British Consul Damascus, Batoom, Bosnia. 1822-82.

Albert (Bob) Zorab b. in Batavia.

Albert Manook Zorab was a partner in the firm, Zorab, Mesrope & Co. in Java, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).  Later went to live in London.

Amelia Zohrab died in premature childbirth (she was pregnant with twins) of acute peritonitis over a 3 day period.

Anna Dulcie Vardeu (or Varden) married Lt.- Col. Dr. Johannes Manuk Zorab, then divorced and married William Dorman, b. 1867.

Sir Alfred John Sandison (Kt. Bachelor, Oriental Secretary, British Embassy, Istanbul), c. 1834-1906, d. at Pera, = Rose (?).

Major Dr. Arthur Batoum Zorab was an ophthalmic surgeon, and invented a glaucoma operation.  His son Edward Crew Zorab was also an ophthalmic surgeon.

Avetik C. Zorabian, lived in New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran.  He wrote "Annotations as to the Genealogy of Zorabian Lineage" in 1919, which appears to have been one of the basic documents relied upon by Judge Edgar Zorab.


Balfour Douglas ("Doug") Zohrab (1917-2008)

Blanche Miriam ("Queen(ie)") Mabin, wife of Edward Goodwin Fortescue Zohrab.  Daughter of John Row Mabin and Fanny Jane Brown.


Carapiet Mackertich Zohrab, 1818-1859, known as "The Intellectual Teacher", pupil of the celebrated Armenian, Mesrobe Thaghiadiants.  Carapiet was a scholar in Classical Armenian and English and taught at the school attached to the All-Saviour's Monastery. 

Charles Fenwick Holmes, 1852-1935, b. in Erzerum, = Elise Helene Harvey

Charles Peter Zorab. An important case in the law of Trusts involved him as one of the parties, since he was a trustee of two trusts associated with the famous British Armenian millionnaire, Calouste Gulbenkian. There were three cases (the basic case, and then appeals to two higher courts in succession). The final, House of Lords case was called: Whishaw and Another Appellants v Stephens and Others Respondents [1968] 3 W.L.R. 1127.

Clara Emmeline Zohrab, b. 1848 in Weston,near Bath, UK., d. 1928 in Auckland, NZ., 1870 = William Kayll

Constance Emily Zohrab, 1862-1934, b. at Mostar, d. 1934 at Eastbourne.

Constantine Edward Zohrab (Wine & Spirit Merchant, New Zealand), 1843-1898 (?), b. in Liverpool, UK, d. in Wellington, NZ, 1868 in Wellington = Edith Wills, 1849-1937, b. in UK.

Constantine Ernest Henry ("Ern") Zohrab, Farmer at Kimbolton, Matamata, Hororata, and Te Awamutu, New Zealand, 1876-1966,  d. in Wellington.  1900, in Wanganui, = Bertha Alice Henley  1878-1956.



Douglas (Balfour Douglas) Zohrab (1917-2008)

Professor Dudley William Carmalt Jones (1874-1957), who married Mabel Gertrude Tottenham (1874-1955), was a great-grandson of Sophie Zohrab. He taught medicine at Otago University (in Dunedin, New Zealand), founded the Otago University Rowing Club and wrote the book "Diversions of a Professor in New Zealand".


Judge Edgar Albert (Eddie) Zorab LLD went to Persia/Armenia, wrote some notes on family history, and drew up the second Roman alphabet version of a Zohrab/Zorab family tree on the basis of the genealogical tree composed in Armenian by Aviet (Avetick) Carapiet Zohrabiants, of New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran, in 1919. Judge Edgar's tree was spread over five (5) pages of a notebook. Peter Douglas Zohrab received a version of this by email from Dr. John Zorab, and then a photocopy by mail from Mr. Kelvin Pollock. The two versions are clearly not photocopies of each other or of the same original, and the latter seems more authentic, in that it shows lines appearing to be those of a notebook, and in that it includes writing in Dutch, which was clearly Judge Edgar Zorab's main language (apart from Armenian).

Edith Ellen Wills.  Wife of Constantine Edward Zohrab. Daughter of James Fabian Wills and Ellen Grant.  Granddaughter of James Wills and Ann Fabian.  Great-granddaughter of Thomas Fabian and Mary Foord.  Granddaughter of William Grant and Jane Breaks.  Great-granddaughter of Robert Breaks and Philippa Ellis.  Great-great-granddaughter of Robert Breaks and Elizabeth Smith.

Edward Zohrab, in Ottoman Government service in London in 1843, British Consul in Tblisi (Georgia), buried at Ferikigei Protestant Cemetery.  He is probably the person to whom was dedicated the Rev. Alishan's volume of Armenian Popular Songs.

Edward Goodwin Fortescue ("Fort") Zohrab, Businessman in Wellington, New Zealand, 1870-1933, 1901 in Nelson, New Zealand = Blanche Miriam (Queen(ie)) Mabin

General Sir Edward Henry Zohrab Pasha KCMG CB, Undersecretary for War in Egypt, baptised in Brussa, Turkey, 1850?, retired in Paris, died in Egypt 1909.

Edward John Paul Zohrab, Col. 17th Lancers & Diplomat, inventor of unofficial Zohrab crest

Edward Robert Zorab b.and m. in Batavia, d. in Delft.

Edward Vincent van Put, b. in Geldrop, son of Willem Emile van Put and Sophie Theodora van Motman, m. in Delft, Holland.

Judge Eleazar, a judge in Java, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Eliza Adelina Zohrab, baptised in Brusa in 1837, d. in Nicosia

Emily B. Fortescue Zohrab, (Civil Engineer), b. 1856 in Croydon, d. unm. 1925 in Lymington, Hants..

Emily Zohrab (nee Holmes), 1830-1908, sister of Sir William Richard Holmes & Major General Percy Lee Holmes, and wife of James Ernest Napoleon Zohrab.

Evelina Zohrab, third daughter of Peter Paul John Zohrab, married at Erzeroom in 1846, to J. Brant, British Consul at Erzeroom.

Evelina Lucy Holmes, 1859-1926, b. in Diarbekir



Fanny Janet Sandison (Lady Fanny Blunt), (AUTHORESS OF "My Reminiscences"), c. 1840 - c. 1926, 1858 (?) in Monastir = Sir John Elijah Blunt KCB (British Consul at Salonika & Boston) 1832-1916

Flora Zorab died in Batavia, Dutch East Indies (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Florence Edwina Zohrab married....and buried.....Tom, Dick and Harry, and in that order!

Frances Ada Zohrab, (Civil Engineer), b. 1857 in Croydon, d. 1914, = 1885 Albert Fox

Frances Price, widow of Thomas Jeffs.


George Thorne Ricketts (5th Dragoon Guards), d. 1919

Gerald Zorab, born 1928, an Armenian Dutchman previously resident in Java, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), applied in 1946 for registration as an alien in Australia, and later for naturalisation.  He had spent 3 1/2 years interned by the Japanese during World War II. 

Gevork (George) Manuk (Zorab) Manucharian (nicknamed "The Millionaire"). According to Judge Edgar Zorab, he was born in 1767 in New Julfa (Isfahan), moved to Madras (India), and died unmarried on 21.10.1827 in Batavia (now called Jakarta). On the page http://www.eh.net/XIIICongress/cd/papers/10Clarence-Smith301.pdf he is referred to as "George Manook", and is said to have lent money to the Dutch government. There are various versions of his name, some including the spellings "Kevork", "Manuck", Manukian" and/or "Manuchariants."

Gracy Zorab was born in Surabaya, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) on January 24th 1917.

Gregory Zorab, son of Mackertich Zohrab, was educated at the Armenian College in Calcutta.



Harold Pierce Ernest Zohrab is frequently mentioned in newspapers around 1868 as being a member of the Volunteer Artillery in Wellington, New Zealand, and an accomplished marksman.

Harold Zorab drew up the third Roman alphabet version of the Zohrab/Zorab family tree from material collected over many years by his father, Judge Edgar Zorab.

Helen Basil, dau. of Arratoon Ter-Galstan Basil of New Julpha by Anna Mirzayants of Tehran

Helen Isean Zorab, b. 1877, d. 1949? is possibly the "Miss I. Zorab (at present in Julfa)" referred to on Armeniapedia.org as being part of the cast of a play put on in Surabaya in 1929.

Henry Stagno Navarra, (Indo-European (?) Telegraphs), b. 1845., = Jane Cowan.

Hester Temple Zohrab, b. at Odessa 1865, married in Nova Scotia (?)

Hoosick Zohrab, Archbishop of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church.  Born at Rostov-on-the-Don, Russia, in 1871.  Educated in Armenia (Theology), Germany (Historical Philosophy), and Russia (Law).  Held various church positions in Armenia, Russia and Rumania. He wrote a history of the Armenian Church in Rumania. 


Irene Harriett Zohrab, 1869-1906, b. at Berdiansk.




Jacob Arathoun b. in Madras, d. in Batavia

James Brant CB, British Diplomat.

James Ernest Napoleon Zohrab, 1830-91. British Consul in Odessa, Sarajevo, Jeddah, Erzerum, and St. Thomas, d. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1858 = Emily Holmes. 1830-1908.  He is quoted at http://www.middleeastinfo.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=14385 and described at http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=NENZC18560202.2.11&srpos=29&e=-------100--1-byDA---0Zohrab-- and at http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=NENZC18560517.2.14&srpos=30&e=-------100--1-byDA---0Zohrab--

James Greenwood, Ottoman Railways, d. in Nicosia.

James (Jim) Hadfield Zohrab, lawyer, orchardist, company director, 1936-2001 = Rosemary Boyd

James Leslie Zohrab, b. 1856 in Victoria, d. unm. 1888 in Wellington, NZ.

Johan Eliazar ("Hans") Zorab, b. 1941 in Bogor, Indonesia, businessman in Holland.  Spent three years in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, and went to The Hague, Holland after the war, where his relatives were.  The Indonesian government had confiscated all their possessions.   1971 = Louise Petra Zorab-Fuhri Snethlage, b. 1950 in Haarlem, d. 2007 in Heemstede.

Dr. Johannes Manuk Zorab, educated at Edinburgh University, b. & d. in Calcutta, Lt.-Col. in British Imperial Medical Service, a Civil Surgeon and Superintendant at Brusa Medical School, Turkey(?).. Married Anna Dulcie Vardim (according to http://www.tnet.com.au/~quincon/ResBankMaster.htm ). They were later divorced.

Dr. John M. Stanley Zorab, Anaesthetist, Lecturer, University of Bristol, Vice-President of Association of Anaesthetists, President, World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists, FORMER EXPERT ON ZORAB BRANCH OF THE FAMILY

Dr. Johannes (= Hohannes = John, a.k.a. Joseph) Zohrabian became an archimandrite (celibate priest) in 1779 and lived in Venice.  He was an Armenologist and author of a history of the Old and New Testaments (1803) in Modern Armenian.  In 1805 he wrote a translation of the Bible into Classical Armenian -- the so-called "Zohrab Bible".  He wrote numerous religious and historical books.  In 1817 he left the priesthood and died in Versailles, France in 1829.

John Zohrab, silk farmer at Brussa = Caroline, daughter of Dr. Dominique Vallé.

Josephine Zorab died in Amsterdam.




Lawrence Mitchell van Put was born in Delft.

Leslie John Travers Zohrab  (1878-1952),  b. in Datchet, Bucks., UK.. Grandson of Edward John Paul Zohrab. Married Mary Elizabeth Jackson (1874-1950) in 1904 in Essex, UK. In 1920 he married Hannah Hardy (1897-1987). According to Edmund King, Leslie was the person described in a World War I soldier's memoir as a "Demobilization Officer, a Lieutenant rejoicing in the exotic name of Zohrab".

Leo Zohrab was an actor in Soviet Armenia.



Mackertich 1791-1833, DREW UP THE FIRST "ZORABIAN GENEALOGY" IN 1820, which was apparently relied upon by Avetik Zorabian's "Annotations".  He moved his family from Persia to Indonesia in 1815.

Mackertich Zorab, born in New Julpha, was a teacher of Classical Armenian in New Julpha and Tehran. 

Manook 1811-1847, moved from Persia to India, DROPPED THE "H" IN THE SURNAME "ZOHRAB", wrote the first words in the book about the Zohrab family, printed in 1879 by the All-Saviour's Monastery, New Julfa, Persia.

Manook Zorab, Bar-at-Law, b.25th September 1865, d. in Calcutta, India, 28th April 1928.

Maria Adolphina Josephine Coppers b. and m. in Batavia.

Mariam Manuk b. in New Julpha, d. in Batavia

Marie Muller, dau. of Amandus Muller by Elizabeth Rudolphina Lautenslafer

Marijke Mariette Zorab b. in Soerabaja (Surabaya), m. in Delft, d. in Rotterdam.

Martherus/Martirose/Martin Mackertich Zorab, 1830-1901, wrote one chapter in the book about the Zohrab family, which chapter was a translation into Armenian of the Persian "Shahnameh", by Firdausi, who is claimed to have been a member of the Zohrab family. Martin founded the firm, Zorab, Mesrope & Co. in Java, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Mary de Serpos was a daughter of the Marquis Joseph de Serpos, an Armenian from Venice.

Matilda Zohrab, b. 1828. Emigrated to Canada, 1856 = Major G. Gibson

Melita Maud Marion Zohrab, b. 1863 in Australia, d. unm. 1931 in Auckland, NZ.

Melkom (Malcolm) b. in New Julpha, d. in Calcutta

Merchathoon Eliazar, dau. of Eleazar Gregory Gasper by Murassa Petrus

Michael Douglas John Zohrab, b. Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Minas Mackertich Zorab, a painter in New Julfa, Iran.

Moses A. Zohabiants, a native of Karabagh (Artsakh).  A nineteenth century author, his relationship to the Zohrab family is uncertain.


Nura Norman Holmes, 1855 - ?, b. in Diarbekir, = Rev. ... Lane



Dr. Paul/Pol/Boghos Zohrab 1803-1883. Medical education in Edinburgh, Aberdeen & London (uncertain if qualified). Buried in Turkey. 1844 = an Armenian from Smyrna, d. in childbirth 1845.

Percy Alfred Zohrab, sometime Under Messenger, Westland County Chairman's Office, New Zealand, b. 1855 in Victoria, Australia, d. unm. 1934 (?) in Wellington.

Percy Fenwick Cuthbert Zohrab, 1859 - ?, b. at Mostar, (twice married, unclear who is mother of offspring)

Major-General Percy Lee Holmes, b. 1825, (brother of Sir William Richard Holmes)

Peter Douglas Zohrab, sometime webmaster of these webpages.

Peter Paul John ("Paul") Zohrab, who fled from Persia to Turkey in 1795.

Peter Thomas Henry Gordon Zohrab, accountant, auctioneer, and builder, CREATOR OF THE FIRST ZOHRAB FAMILY TREE, 1817-1881, b. near Liverpool, England, d. Wellington, New Zealand, 1840 in Bakewell, Derbyshire = Marianne (Mary Ann) Walker, dau of Thomas Walker, draper ?, 1819-1884. d. Wellington, New Zealand.

Dr. Philip Arthur Zorab (brother of Dr. John Zorab and son of Major Dr. Arthur Batoum Zorab) was a chest physician and has a symposium series named after him: http://www.ndos.ox.ac.uk/pzs/Index.html .




Reginald Ernest Zohrab, 1861 - ?, b. at Mostar, d. unm. in Canada ?

Reginald Herbert Travers Zohrab and his wife, Winsome Mary Zohrab, were killed in a World War II German air-raid on London, England in 1940.

Richard Brant, CMG, 1852-1934, (F.O Librarian, Keeper of State Papers)

Ronny (Ron) Meslapré was born in Batavia.

Rose Hosanna Edgar, dau. of Galston Edgar of New Julpha by Mary Peter Seth of Madras


Severan de Belinsky (major in Turkish Army), b. 1821

Simon Manuk, b. in New Julpha, d. at sea in shipwreck on way to India.

Sophia Cecilia Sandison 1821(?)-91 1850 in Brussa = John Augustus Lara Longworth 1804-75 (Their adopted son Henry Zohrab Longworth may have been a son of John & Caroline Zohrab (Generation 8)).

Sophia "Kate" Zohrab, = ... Woods, British Consul in Asia Minor

Sophie Zohrab, according to family tradition, was one of the three sublings who escaped from Iran and fled to Turkey in 1795.

Stephan Robin van Put was born in Delft.


Thagoohi (Takouhi) Manuk, b. in New Julpha (Iran), d. in Batavia (Dutch East Indies). Mistress of architect of Singapore's Armenian church, George Coleman.

Major-General Thomas Gordon, a Scottish philhellene.  Married a Greek Armenian and fostered (Dr.) Paul Zohrab in Scotland.  Peter Thomas Henry Zohrab is probably named after him.

Thomas Thornton ,Writer on Turkey, married Sophie Zohrab.



Vera Kientz was born in Delft.


Walter Willoughby Zohrab, b. 1858 in Victoria, d. unm. 1885 (?) in Wellington, NZ.

William James Holmes, (Consular Service), 1861- ?, b. Bosna Serai

William John Stephen Greenwood, b. in Smyrna, Inspector of Police, Smyrna.

William Stagno Navarra, (Persian Telegraphs), 1847-1904, 1881 in Tabriz = Leopoldina von Nemiro, 1851-97

William Thomas Thornton C.B., (youngest of several children ?) economist & author, b. in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, 1813-80

Winsome Mary Zohrab and her husband, Reginald Herbert Travers Zohrab, were killed in a World War II German air-raid on London, England in 1940.











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