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Three Zohrab sisters on a picnic in Turkey in 1843

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View from the cave of Ferhad, "2 hours from" Erzerum, Turkey, ca. 1846

Three Zohrab sisters on a picnic in the Cave of Ferhad, "2 hours from" Erzerum, Turkey in 1843

Anti-clockwise from the doorway in the rock: Countess Cecilia Stagno Navarra (nee Zohrab), Dr. Dickson (Legation doctor), British Consul in Erzerum, James Brant, his future wife, Evelina Zohrab, Mr. (later Sir) William Holmes (nephew of Mr. Brant, and sometime British Consul in Damascus, Batoom, and Bosnia), and his future wife, Adela Zohrab.

(Painted by Robert Curzon, who was working, along with the father of the women in the picture (Peter Paul John Zohrab), on a boundary commission between Turkey and Persia/Iran.)-- picture courtesy of Lady Patricia Maddocks and Dr. John Zorab.








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