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Descendants of Zohrab of the Manuchariants

The Greenwood Branch of the Zohrab family

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The Greenwoods are a large branch of the descendants of the ancestral Zohrab. They include Rosemary Pollock, widow of the late Kelvin Pollock, who provided a lot of the information which is on this website.


Eliza Adelina Zohrab, = James Greenwood.

Eliza Adelina Zohrab, who married James Greenwood.


The Greenwood family

The Greenwood family

William John Stephen Greenwood = Contessa Mary Baldassarre.

William John Stephen Greenwood, son of Eliza. He was Inspector of Police at Smyrna and married Contessa Mary Baldassarre.


Thomas Henry Greenwood

Thomas Henry (?) Greenwood, son of Eliza. He was Commandant of Police and married Cloe Amiet and later Adeline Amiet.


Elfrida McLaughlan and children


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