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General Sir Edward Henry Zohrab Pasha, K.C.M.G., C.B.

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General Sir Edward Henry Zohrab Pasha, K.C.M.G., C.B

General Sir Edward Henry Zohrab Pasha, K.C.M.G., C.B


Lady Laura Zohrab

Lady Laura Zohrab, the grand-daughter of General Armandi.


A son of John Zohrab, Edward was born at Brussa, Turkey. He married Laura, who was the grand-daughter of General Armandi, in 1887.

He was appointed A.D.C.(Aide-de-Camp) to Khedive Ismail, 1873; Abyssian Campaign as A.D.C. to H. H. Prince Hassan Pasha, 1874-75; Russo-Turkish War as A.D.C. to Prince Hassan, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Contingent in Bulgaria, 1877-78; made full Colonel, 1878; attached to Lord Wolsey's staff in Egyptian Campaign. 1882; A.D.C. to Lord Wolsey, Sudan Expedition, 1884-1985; Made Major-General, 1885: Chief of the military recruiting department in Egypt, 1886-93; Under-Secretary of State for War in Egypt, 1903-1905, where he was seen as a symbol of British influence; General, 1905: retired from service on full pay owing to bad health 1905 and spent his retirement in Paris. Recreations: shooting, riding, fencing. He died in Cairo, where he was being considered for the post of Governor of Lebanon..

However, one unnamed source (probably supplied, like the others, by Dr. John Zorab) states that his father was Mackertich Zohrab, that his mother was Mariam Chamichi, that he was born in Cairo (rather than Broussa), that he married Miss Tiroohi Carapetian, that they had children named Virginia, Victoria and Leo, and that he was educated in Cairo and London, rather than in Constantinople.

According to the page http://www.archive.org/stream/knightsofengland01shawuoft/knightsofengland01shawuoft_djvu.txt his knighthood in the order of St. Michael and St. George was honorary -- presumably because he was not a British citizen.  It was awarded for his services when the British were waging war in the Sudan.  

Arthur (1922, page 125) states:

... and a native A.D.C. called Zohrab Bey. The last named was attached to my staff when I was here in 1882, and is a very useful man, speaking Arabic fluently. His father was an Armenian and his mother English; he is a very nice fellow. When in Cairo, where he does duty with the Khedive, he has a little establishment presided over by a French lady who used to sing on the stage in light opera. When he leaves he sends her to her friends in France, as I don't think he believes in grass widows in a place like Cairo.


Maurice and Arthur (1924, page 184) states:

A picturesque and practical addition to his personal staff was Zohrab Bey, a highly cultured and ardently Anglophile Egyptian.








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