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Descendants of Zohrab of the Manuchariants

Descendants of Zohrab's Son, Simon

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The descendants of Simon include people who use the surname "Zohrab", and others who used the surname "Manuk" (perhaps because they migrated to India, and wanted to avoid confusion with a Parsee family with a similar name to "Zohrab").

According to the book by Armèn Joseph, in 1780, the Catholicos-Patriarch Lucas (1780-1799) confirmed in a letter to "Marcar Manuk, a great-grandson of Zohrab I in the male line" (whose descendants are the topic of this website), that he was a descendant of the noble family of the Manuchariants. 

We have no great-grandson of Zohrab I by the name "Marcar Manuk" on the family tree.  The book by Armèn Joseph also mentions a "Margar Manuk", as being a cousin of Gavork Manuk, but we have no cousin of his on the family tree called Margar.  However, there is a Marcar, who married Katherine, and he was indeed a cousin of Gavork, but he was a great-great-grandson of Zohrab.  Avetik C. Zorabian, in his "Annotations as to the Genealogy of the Zorabian Lineage", mentions Margar as being descended from the original Zohrab, his son Simon, and his grandson, Astvatzatoor.  He does not mention Aviet, who appears between Simon and Astvatzatoor in all versions of the family tree since Judge Edgar's. 

We can be fairly sure that "Marcar Manuk" and "Margar Manuk" are the same person.  The Marcar who was married to Katherine did not originally have a middle name in Kelvin Pollock's family tree, but Peter Douglas Zohrab added "Manuk", and the alternative spelling "Margar", on the basis of the above information.  Since Marcar received confirmation of his noble ancestry, it is probably no coincidence that his cousin Gavork (George) and his brother Malcolm assumed the Armenian title "asphet" (= "Knight").  They probably kept in contact with each other, as have other members of the family.



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