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Descendants of Zohrab of the Manuchariants

Kelvin Pollock's's Copy of Judge Edgar Zorab's Family Tree

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The first known family tree of the descendants of Zohrab was drawn up in Armenian by Aviet (Avetick) Carapiet Zohrabyants in 1919 (Aviet's Tree). An English version of this tree was drawn by Judge Edgar Zorab over five pages of a notebook. What appears to be a hand-drawn copy of this tree was kindly sent by Kelvin Pollock to Peter Zohrab, who has joined them together and then scanned them in four sections for viewing on the Web. Unfortunately, I did not originally keep a record on paper of who sent me which of the many family trees which I have received, so I have been confused and in error about this at times.

The tree commences with Zorab (Zohrab) of the clan of the Manuchariantz and his four sons.  You will notice that:

In comparison with Edward van Put's version, this version of the family tree seems like an inferior, hand-drawn copy.








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