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Descendants of Zohrab of the Manuchariants

Sir William Holmes & Lady Adela Holmes (nee Zohrab)

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Lady Adela Holmes (nee Zohrab)

Lady Adela Holmes (nee Zohrab) (Photograph courtesy of Lady Mary Holmes and Dr. John Zorab. This photograph remains the property of the Holmes family.)


Sir William Holmes

Sir William Holmes (Photograph courtesy of Lady Mary Holmes and Dr. John Zorab. This photograph remains the property of the Holmes family.)


Charlie Holmes 1866.jpg

Charlie (Charles Fenwick) Holmes, 1852-1935, son of Sir William Holmes and Lady Adela Holmes, in 1866


Family Names

Lt.-Col. Dr Johannes Manuk Zorab, at some stage, became Superintendant at Brussa Medical School. The only known "Brussa" is in Turkey, and there is no known documentation as to whether he ever even went to Turkey. However, his distant relative, Lady Fanny Blunt, mentions in Chapter One of her book, "My Reminiscences," that her father, the British Consul in Brussa, initiated a plan by the Turkish Sultan in about 1840 to build a hospital in Brussa. Fanny's uncles John Zohrab and Dr. Paul Zohrab, as well as her cousin General Sir Edward Zohrab Pasha, also had links to Brussa, so it is quite possible that it was the family connection which got Johannes a medical job in Turkey.

This is confirmed by a proposed solution to the mystery of why he gave middle names to his two oldest children which probably referred back to close relatives of Fanny Blunt:

  1. Major Dr. Arthur Batoum Zorab, named after Lady Adela Holmes (nee Zohrab) and/or her husband, Sir William Holmes, who had once served as British Consul in Batoum

Possibly, Mary Sandison (nee Zohrab) had died by the time Dr. Zorab's eldest son was born in 1878, and her husband had died in 1869, so he named his sons after surviving members of that branch of the family, in gratitude for their help.

Another example of "gratitude-naming" in the Zohrab family is that Peter Thomas Henry Gordon Zohrab was probably named after Major-General Thomas Gordon, in gratitude for the latter's kindness towards Peter's cousin, Dr. Paul Zohrab.








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