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Amyas Constantine Zohrab

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Amyas Constantine Zohrab


Amyas was educated at Wellington College and Victoria University College (as the present Victoria University of Wellington was then called), graduating with an MA (Hons) in languages.  He taught at Palmerston North High School and then at Whangarei High School. 

Amyas is referred to by the Australian writer Guthrie Wilson, as follows:

A favourite teacher was Amyas Zohrab (killed at Monte Cassino), who read to the class in Old Norse and taught them to love language for its own sake (http://www.pnbhs.school.nz/Old_Boys/Contact2002/).

His sports were boxing, rugby and tramping.  However his main interests were languages and literature, including drama.  His wife, Margaret, a music teacher, was the only daughter of Mr. W. Bendall, of Palmerston North.  They had two children, Fort and Dick.


Douglas Fortescue (Fort) Zohrab and his mother, Margaret Zohrab (nee Bendall), ca. 1975

Douglas Fortescue (Fort) Zohrab (d. 2011) and his mother, Margaret Zohrab (nee Bendall), photo taken ca. 1975.


Douglas Fortescue (Fort) Zohrab

Douglas Fortescue (Fort) Zohrab.


Meryl Zohrab, Fort's wife

Meryl Zohrab, Fort's wife (d. 2010).


He volunteered for service in World War II, beginning as a Private and rising to Sergeant in the 21 Infantry Battalion.  He was nominated to train to become an officer, but preferred to remain in the ranks.  He was killed at Monte Cassino, in Italy, in 1944.  According to the Field Medical Card in his New Zealand Defence Force file, he had a small shell wound about the bridge of his nose (insofar as can be ascertained from the handwritten entry).








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